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Coppel Stores’ origins date back to 1941 in México, when Mr. Luis Coppel Rivas decided alongside with his son Enrique Coppel Tamayo, to move from Mazatlán to Culiacán, Sinaloa, México, to establish a small store, which was named “El Regalo”, or “The Gift” in English, and that, with time, ended up selling radios and watches.

After World War II, clients did not have the ability to purchase goods in cash payment, which was why clients began to wish to buy goods with credit. Therefore, Mr. Luis Coppel and his son Enrique decided to invest all of their saved capital to sell furniture by credit, with comfortable weekly payments. This way, trusting in the commitment of the clients, “El Regalo” became a furniture store with a credit payment system, and that’s when it changed  its name to “Coppel”, the name known by its customers. With time, new lines of products were introduced to the store, including a clothing department.

The rest it's a history of work and dedication, based on solid principles, like kindness, trust and communication with customers.

Coppel的历史最早可追溯到1941年的墨西哥,当年Luis Coppel Rivas先生和他的儿子Enrique Coppel Tamayo决定一起从墨西哥锡那罗亚州的马萨特兰搬到库利亚坎,并在那里开了一家名叫“ El Regalo”(西班牙语,礼物的意思)的商店,后来这家商店转为销售收音机和手表。

二战后,客户在当时没有能力用现金购买商品,希望可以赊账。因此, Luis Coppel先生和他的儿子Enrique决定将所有储蓄拿出来支持赊账购买家具,按周还款的方式减轻了负担。这是对客户承诺的信赖,而“ El Regalo”这家家具商店也形成了信用支付体系,改名为“Coppel”,并为客户熟知。随着时间的推移,商店推出了新的产品线,如服装等。


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